Bass Bath

Bass Bath @ Dark MOFO 2015. Photo by Kristoffer Paulsen

Bass Bath @ Dark MOFO 2015. Photo by Kristoffer Paulsen

Bass Bath is a site specific performance installation for a large array of double 18" sub woofer speakers, light and scent. The work explores ritual, power and sensation. Using a set of specifically tuned pure sinusoidal waveforms, the sound composition employs combination (sum and difference) tone effects along with acoustic resonances to create unique physical effects in the participants. The duration and scale of the work is variable based on the space in which it is housed.

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...the bass wavelengths quite literally washed over your body; at one point I thought my throat might actually explode. Most times I descended into paroxysms of delighted laughter...
— Clem Bastow, The Guardian unforgettable physical experience of sound and light. The throbbing bass generated from 2100-horsepower monolithic subwoofers could be heard outside the entrance, and yet no one in the hour-long queue seemed to know what to expect.
— Madhvi Pankhania - The Guardian

Bass Bath @ Dark MOFO Credits

Producers: Supple Fox & MONA
Lighting Design: Niklas Pajanti
Scent Design: George Kara
Lighting Programming: Chris Sanders
Site Management & Co-ordination: Emily O'Brien for First In Last Out
Photo Documentation: Kristoffer Paulsen
Video Documentation: Keith Deverell